Thursday, October 27, 2005

Craptastic Headlines

* Dallas cab driver convicted on felony charges for tainting grocery store pastries with feces. Mmmmm...extra fudge...
* Mr. Floatie withdraws from mayoral race. "Of course I'm not a real person. I'm a big piece of poop."
* "Feces examination during the spring and fall semester used to be an annual event in school." Read on.
* Rare Species: The Canadian Crap Weasel Amazing.
* School expels children's author for 'crap, poo, fart' talk "I think that my language was appropriate," Reverend Graham Taylor said. Later, he added that the complaining teachers were being "intolerant poopyheads."
* Ad Guru Quits After "Crap" Comments. "A creative director who was forced to quit his job after saying women in advertising were 'crap' has insisted he is not sexist."
* Penguin Poo Wins Ig Nobel Prize What's an Ig Nobel Prize?
* Rod Stewart and daughter in spat over dog poo. "I cannot stand it when there's poo and pee on the carpet. It drives me mad."
I think Mr. Stewart speaks for all of us.
* Meet Dr. Scoopy Poo
* Poo Bags for Beach Camels. Well, that's just common sense.

*President Bush's attorney and "public scatology" expert withdraws her nomination for Supreme Court.

*" Turd Blossom" ponders plea deal? Stay tuned, tomorrow could be Fitzmas Day.
Treason's Greetings!

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