Monday, July 31, 2006

Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois - While the world continued its downward spiral into total chaos, bands from around the nation gathered for a weekend of the rock and/or roll for Pitchfork's Music Festival in Chicago's Union Park. i wasn't there, but Awesomeometer's Senior Chicagoland Indie Rock Correspondent, Osc, filed this report:

I was able to catch [Band of Horses] among others yesterday afternoon at the Pitchfork Music Festival. Really quick 30 minute set but the crowd was totally down and Ben the lead guy was very vocal and interactive w/ the crowd. Apparently they flew in from Seattle on a red-eye the night before and were "feeling pretty crazy".
Also got to see local Chicago band Chin Up, Chin Up who just signed to Suicide Squeeze a do their version of pretty catchy art-pop. Destroyer, led by Dan Bejar who's also in New Pornographers. Art Brut was great. Saw them few months ago. Great live show, I think lead singer Eddie Argos picked up where Bob Pollard left off in terms of commanding front-man stage presence/antics.
I've attached a few pics of the afternoon. Slap them on the blog if you feel like it.

Don't mind if i do, Osc!

Looks like the festival was a blast, Osc. Thank you for your report and the kick-assed pics. Big festival shows are a great place to be 6'4" with a digital camera.
Now close your eyes, dear readers, and listen to songs from some of the festival bands. We'll pretend we were all there.
Band of Horses: Wicked Gil
The National: Karen
The Silver Jews: How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down?
Destroyer: Painter In Your Pocket
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: Counting Down the Hours
Chin Up Chin Up: I'll Be Your Avalanche
Yo La Tengo: Dreaming (Blondie cover)
Art Brut: My Little Brother
Spoon: Take the Fifth
The Walkmen: We've Been Had

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And photosets on Flickr here and here. Hat tip to Pete for the Flickr links.
Check ya later.