Friday, March 14, 2008


i'll be in NYC for the SES this week (March 17 - 20). i'll be staying here, it looks nice. No word if Paris will be in the house, though.
i've never been there, so i am very pumped. Any tips? All's this boy knows about New York is what he peeps on the teevee and movies. i hope to hang out at Monk's Cafe and Central Perk as much as possible. Does Rachel still work there?
i plan on taking cabs wherever i go, so as to increase my chances of getting picked up by the CashCab, or Reverend Jim.
What's the most fun/ interesting/ off-the-beaten-path activity you've partaken in while there?
Is the pizza any good?
How can i get into the Letterman's audience without having to wait in line all day?
How do i meet the new governor? He seems pretty cool.
i like to take long walks at 3am with my headphones on, is Central Park a good place to do this?
Thanks for your help.
i'll post some pics and have a new MixTape for y'all when (if?!) i return to the Dallas.