Saturday, January 16, 2010

Telegraph Canyon, Chatterton, Glen Farris at Lola's Sixth Street, January 15, 2010

Lola's on Sixth Street hosted a brilliant triple bill for Chatterton's CD release party Friday night. By the time Telegraph Canyon took to to the stage they know so well the place was packed.

Lola's crowd nffcnnr

Chris Johnson and company performed songs from their widely acclaimed 2009 record, The Tide and The Current as Lola's patrons stood shoulder-to-shoulder, soaking in the rich sonic texture that washed over the room like a warm, satisfying zephyr. Which was nice, because it was cold and rainy outside.

Telegraph Canyon nffcnnr 1

Telegraph Canyon nffcnnr 2

Telegraph Canyon nffcnnr 3

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And here's a vid i captured of Chris and Tamara collaborating on "Low":

Chatterton had been playing some of their new songs at recent live shows, and tonight they celebrated the release of their new EP, The Cold Hard with their loose but refined brand of Lone Star rock. Kevin Aldridge and the boys kicked off their set with their own twist on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' angsty "Jammin' Me." Mr. Aldridge updated the lyrics with the mention of the Jay Leno controversy and the gentrification of the Fort Worth neighborhood he calls home, which was clever and fun, even if it tripped up those of us trying to sing along. Later in the set, they covered Lucinda Williams' "Joy" (Tom Petty style) in another nod to their southern rock roots. Chatterton has always worn their influences on their sleeve, and the songs they presented on this night reflected not only where they've been but where they are going as one of Fort Worth's treasures of the new century.

Chatterton nffcnnr 1

Chatterton nffcnnr 2

Chatterton nffcnnr 3

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Opening the night was Denton songster Glen Farris, who shared a set of lonesome ballads in true Texas troubadour style. Armed with a gorgeous Gibson guitar and a homemade stomp box, Mr. Farris charmed a restless crowd with his heartfelt delivery of songs evoking the sorrow of the small town everyman.

Glen Farris nffcnnr 1

Glen Farris 011510 (30crbwf)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"One More Thing"

See if you can get through all four minutes without throwing up a little.
Oh, and one more thing: if i were unfamiliar with Dallas, this vid would make me want to stay far, far away.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mount Righteous, Giggle Party, Mr. Troll at Andy's Bar 01/08/10

Grapevine's Mount Righteous threw down at a sold-out Andy's Bar on Friday January 8, 2010 with the help of Giggle Party and Mr. Troll. The sing along sounds of everyone's favorite 9-piece folk rock orchestra oompahed, thumped and crashed their way out to the still, cool night air of the Denton square on that frigid evening as the crowd wailed along. It was the best tour kick off party Denton has seen this decade. Not kidding. Look:

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 1

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 2

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 3

More pics at the Flickr spot here.

Giggle Party made a mess. We demand nothing less.

Giggle Party nffcnnr 1

Giggle Party nffcnnr 2
More pics here.

And Denton's own Mr. Troll opened up the festivities, turning everyone on to his folky love songs.

Mr Troll nffcnnr

More pics and a show review at My Denton Music here.
Mount Righteous is currently on tour in support of their latest record, Open Your Mouth, so go check 'em out when they roll through your neck of the woods, or you'll regret it and feel like this:

Andy's Bar nffcnnr