Monday, October 24, 2005

Bible Study

Just like that song goes, "Don't know much about History/Don't know much Biology," i don't know much Bible-o-logy. Good thing i live in the twenty-oughts where all the information in the world is at my fingertips via the internets. With the help of this Bloggie-thingy, i am able to help enlighten my kind readers by directing them to interesting nuggets of wisdom that i find help to reduce my ingorance of subjects like the G-O-D and His writings.
i read a good chunk of the Bible when i was a senior in high school for a western civilization class. Yes, we read the Bible in public school. *gasp!* But it was used in the curriculum, a)as a work of fiction (because it is, duh!), and b)as the foundation for morality, on which most modern western civilizations were built. Plus it was California, so we were all like, "Whatever, dude!"
I enjoyed reading it becasue of the mythology and fables it contained were intriguing and fantastic enough to keep your interest, as long as you skip through all the begats and what have you's. But that's the last time i looked at a holy book of any kind, unless you count the 24-Hours a Day book that was once my late grandfather's. i find it inspirational just knowing that he opened this very copy when he felt he needed daily guidance as he struggled through tenuous periods of sobriety. i keep that book close by to remind me that sobriety is a constant battle that is easily lost, and every day i don't drink is an extra day i get to live and be with my family and friends.
To the point of this post, which, i'm afraid has gotten away from me a bit:
Helpful links for the Bible-Curious
First, check out Rev. Brendan Powell Smith's The Brick Testament.Thanks to JT for pointing me to the genius of this site a few months ago. This site shows Lego reenactments of scenes and lessons from the Bible. Perfect for the everyday ignorant infidel or as a primer for Bible beginners!

For you old schoolers out there, check out the charts of Clarence Larkin.This site that has some early 20th Century charts that illustrate some of the Bible's principles and prophecies to help heathens and holy rollers alike. Very cool. i have always been fascinated by late 19th and early 20th Century charts, drawings and wood carvings.

Although the Bible, at some point in history, has been used as justification for every evil ranging from persecution to mass murder, doesn't mean it can't be fun!


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