Thursday, June 30, 2005

Katherine Harris Betrayed by BushCo

****************Update 07/05/05************
The General writes one of his famous letters to Katherine Harris about her "magic water"
The cannibalization of Republicans continues.
Florida Rep. Katherine Harris is pissed because the Bush administration is encouraging Florida State House Speaker Allan Bense to challenge Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) in 2006, instead of her. I guess she thought she had a deal with BushCo. that they would support her in 2006 when they asked her to step aside for Mel Martinez (R-FL) in 2004.

You remember Katherine Harris, don't you? She was the cosmetically challenged -think Cruella DeVille - Republican Secretary of State in Florida (and more importantly, W's Florida Campaign Director) during the 2000 election sham. Here's how she helped get Chimpy into the White House:

*Before the election, a firm hired by Harris in her capacity as Secretary of State to purge convicted felons from the voter rolls erroneously removed 8,000 registered voters who had been convicted only of misdemeanors, thousands of others who had the same names as felons, and a few whose computer records said they had committed crimes in the future.
*Harris unlawfully certified the election results from 20 of Florida's 67 counties without requiring - as mandated under Florida law for elections decided by one half of one percent or less - that they conduct automatic machine recounts.
*Harris unlawfully accepted and certified the results of hand recounts in six Florida counties that produced an additional 400 votes for George W. Bush while rejecting the results of hand recounts in other counties.

She did all that for BushCo. and now she wants to cash in on an implied promise. She obviously isn't aware of how this administration operates. Just because you scratch their back, doesn't mean that they'll scratch yours. Her usefulness to Rove, Inc. has run out, so she is dumped by the wayside like a ratty old mattress on some dark, forgotten red state back road, right next to this old tire.
She must be furious. At least i hope so. i hope she's so furious that she totally turns on Chimpy and runs as an independent. The Republican votes will be split, the FL Dems will be energized, and Bill Nelson will keep his seat. i hope she's so furious that she holds a press conference and admits that her improprieties as FL SecState were as foul, shameful, and repugnant as her nasty ass face. Then i hope she bursts into tears and melts. Then her usefulness to me will have run out.

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