Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Betrayed Republican Quits the GOP...OYE...POTUS live?

*ITEM (hat tip to DTS): We need more folks like this guy. He is James Chaney, an attorney in Eugene, OR and registered Republican since 1980. He has watched helplessly as his party of "honesty and accountability" has been hijacked by the radical right wingers who have morphed it into the party of "greed, shortsightedness and deliberate ignorance" in their quest to dominate the world.
While it has compiled this record of failure and deception, the party which I'm leaving today has spent its time, energy and political capital trying to save Terri Schiavo, battling the threat of single-sex unions, fighting medical marijuana and physician-assisted suicide, manufacturing political crises over presidential nominees, and selling privatized Social Security to an America that isn't buying. We fiddle while Rome burns.
Welcome to the reality-based community, James.

*ITEM: For those service-age Republicans who support the Iraq debacle, i encourage you to do your part and help the military meet their recruiting goals. Enlist immediately. They need warm bodies. Here's how to help.

...Just doing my part for

Operation Yellow Elephant. He he.

*ITEM: W is scheduled to address the nation tonight at 8pm Eastern. NBC has yet to decide if they are going to broadcast the speech, because it conflicts with their much hyped Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back premier. Hmm..Average Joe or Below Average President? Decisions, decisions.

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