Friday, June 29, 2007

NeffTunes MixTape June 2007

Down here in the Dallas, we will almost set a record for the most rainfall in any June in recorded history. That's a lot of water comin' down on us. So here are a bunch of tunes from some great albums (some of which have not been released to the public yet) that i can listen to while dreaming about being outside somewhere that isn't all wet. Download the zip file here. Enjoy it, and remember to tell your friends where ya got it. If you like what you hear, seek out these artists so you can buy some of their stuff. They deserve it. Creating art is difficult, and not always financially lucrative, so they would appreciate your support. And i thank you.
01 - Nobody Listens To Silence By Ryan Adams
02 - Light Me Up By Ween
03 - Suco De Tangerina By Beastie Boys
04 - Natty Dreadlocks Pon The Mountaintop By Bad Brains
05 - Eddie's Ragga By Spoon
06 - Roman Holiday By Camera Obscura
07 - Like Castanets By Bishop Allen
08 - Innocent Bones By Iron & Wine
09 - Lady Detemer By Tim Armstrong
10 - Wastelands By The View
11 - Moving Pictures By The Cribs
12 - Hat And Rabbit By Page France
13 - Four Winds By Bright Eyes
14 - Go Places By The New Pornographers
15 - A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene By Okkervil River
16 - Bee Of The Bird Of The Month By They Might Be Giants
17 - Ice Cream By New Young Pony Club
Stay dry!

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