Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NeffTunes MixTape May 2007

Zamage, Inc., and The Awesome-o-meter present the NeffTunes MixTape, May Twenty Ought Seven Edition. There's no common thread, no overarching theme, or any real connection between these tunes except that each one kicks a ton of ass. And they make me happy. Download the zip file here: NeffTunes MixTape May2007

Remember to support these artists by buying their records and going to their shows and tellin' your friends how their lives lack the luster of yours because these awesome bands aren't part of it.


01 - Technology by The Whigs
02 - Work Hard Play Hard by Palace Music
03 - We've Got To Keep Running by Chin Up Chin Up
04 - You're Supposed To Be My Friend by 1990s
05 - You Blew Me Off by Bare Jr
06 - Broken Hands by Bright Light Fever
07 - Afro by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
08 - Grindhouse (Main Titles) By Robert Rodriguez
09 - Into Action by Tim Armstrong
10 - Connection by Elastica
11 - The Perfect Crime 2 by The Decemberists
12 - Hurricane by Division Day
13 - Nite Lights, Dark Days by Oakley Hall
14 - Here's Hopin' by The Handsome Family
15 - Exile On My Street by ThePonys
16 - Nicotine by Nuisance
17 - Lit Up by The National
18 - Nourishment Nation by Rogue Wave
19 - The King Of Carrot Flowers Pt 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
20 - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken by Camera Obscura
21 - Pepper by Butthole Surfers
22 - Worst Trip by Dr. Dog
23 - Fuse by Radio Moscow


The Bag said...

Is it just me or should Chin Up CHin Up step away from the Wolf Parade CD right NOW?

great mix though...

nffcnnr said...

Yeah, i hear ya. The first time i heard "We've Got To Keep Running" i thought it was a blatant ripoff of WP's "Shine a Light". Is it a coincidence? The similarity is uncanny. Either way, i love both bands, so i don't mind.

s1rrah said...

Hey . couldn't find a place to leave this so commenting here.

I just found an absolutely pristine radio show recording from band of horses that I thought you might like to hear.

Here's a couple links:

Text file describing show: http://owlandbear.com/downloads/20070906_boh_flacf/README.txt

Main show .flacs: http://owlandbear.com/downloads/20070906_boh_flacf/


Great stereo recording with excellent details on the capture.

Merry Xmas!