Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bode Miller's Money Quote

The drunken U S and A Olympian Bode Miller said of his dismal showing in Turin(o), "If things went well, I could be sitting on four medals."
And if things went well for me last weekend, i could be sitting on a huge pile of cash. What a butt nut.
Bode is a perfect example of why i root against Americans if and when i watch the Olympics. It was this moment in 2000 when my sentiment turned on American Olympic favorites: The Men's 400-meter relay team were heavy favorites to win the gold, and they did so in anticlimactic fashion. Hooray! Oh, wait. What are they doing? They immediately draped themselves in as many American flags as they could find, did a victory lap or two and posed for a few dozen photos just like the one here (Photo by Jeff Haynes, Agence France- Press). The fans in Sidney were disgusted and actually booed the boys after a few minutes of this. i realized just then that i was on the side of the fans who just wanted them to sit the funk down and let someone else run. Maybe someone who appreciates the spirit of the Olympics. Maybe someone with more humility and less bravado. Sadly, winning with dignity dropped off the ever-shrinking list of American values in 2000, and losing with dignity - if that was ever an American value - is M.IA. in 2006.

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