Friday, February 24, 2006

Best TV News Clip Ever

...As declared by Boing
i first saw this clip a coupla years ago at the RagTag. They were showing a bunch of other shorts documenting creative civil disobedience and other subversions, and kinda just threw this one in there to kick things off.
That night, one of the "co-conspirators," if you will, told us in the audience the real backstory. To the best of my recollection, it went down like this:
The RagTag, still in its infancy, wanted to promote their upcoming Free Form Film Festival, and local Columbia TV station KMIZ agreed to have one of the festival organizers, Tyrone Davies, appear live on the set during one of their news broadcasts. At first, KMIZ said he could be on during the evening, then they called and canceled. KMIZ then said they could come the next day, after the festival had already started, and once again Tyrone got bumped at the last minute. There was another round of this the next day, and KMIZ finally agreed to do the segment on the early morning broadcast (6am) on the last day of the festival. Well, the organizers were understandable peeved by the run-around they got, so they decided to teach ol' Channel 17 a lesson. Tyrone got up extra early that morning and proceeded to scarf down as much Blue's Clues Ice Cream as he could before air time on an empty stomach, and his buddies set their VCRs. Tyrone was already nervous about being on live TV, but felt he was ready for his close up when his big moment arrived. Watch the very short Quicktime video(Here's an alternate link)
While i have seen this clip elsewhere on the internets, Boing Boing is the highest profile site on which i've seen it mentioned, so props to Tyrone and the RagTag gang. Makes me proud to be a Columbian.

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tiffandbarry said...

This is great!!! I'd seen the news clip before, but never heard the "real" story behind the barf. Thanks for sharing.
Also, we are unable to go to your fiesta. :( Maybe we'll take a road trip sometime this summer and visit you in good ole Texas. I'm pushin' for you to turn that state BLUE!!!