Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Harry Reid Preempts Bush's Bullshit...

...by calling him out on it.

Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid doesn't want to wait to give the opposition's response to W's upcoming State of the Union address. In a speech to be given to The Center for American Progress, he anticipates the tired talking points, the condescending propoganda and the empty slogans that Chimpy will surely read aloud on January 31st and premptively refutes them with facts.
"In his 2000 campaign, George Bush promised to bring 'dignity' to the White House… but we’ve since found that he brought Jack Abramoff instead. [snip]We have the White House, where an employee has been indicted for the first time in 135 years...There’s Karl Rove, who is under investigation… and David Safavian, the man appointed by President Bush to be charge in charge of hundreds of billions of dollars in government contracts who was led away in handcuffs because of his dealings with Jack Abramoff and others...And then, we have the Republican 'K-Street Project,' which has invited lobbyists inside our nation’s Capitol….as long as they are willing to pay the right price."
Reid also takes Chimpy to task on No Child Left Behind and The Medicare drug benefit and Katrina and WMD's and National Security and body armor and North Korea and tax breaks for the rich and federal spending and student loans and Big Oil... holy crap this President sucks.
Read the whole speech at Raw Story.

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