Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paige Laurie returns the diploma she didn't earn

I heard about this yesterday on a local radio station. Now it's on CNN's website. I forgot that this was national news. In case you missed it on ABC's 20/20 in November of last year, see the full story, "Big Cheats on Campus." I can't believe it took almost a year for her to hand it over. What a dummy. Now how is she going to get accepted to university? How will she ever get by without a college education? Who would want to name big buildings after her now? These are things i worry about. I wonder if they had some sort of anti-commencement ceremony where that guy on a horse dressed up like the USC Trojan rides by and snatches the diploma out of the princess' slimy (but well-manicured) hands. That would be cool.
This post brought to you by the word, "schaedenfraude". Schaedenfraude does not mean, "crappy fake girl," it refers to the feelings i get when i read stories like this one about Ms. Laurie. And this one. And this one. And this one. Oh, schaedenfraude, sweet, sweet schaedenfraude! More schaedenfraude is on the horizon, me thinks. Schaedenfraude.

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