Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Morning Link Dump

Troops Relax With Musical Pillow Yeah, but is it bulletproof?
School is in for future exorcists Among the required materials for the class: 16 oz. bottle of Pope’s Choice Devil-Be-Gone® Filtered Holy Water; Tiffany ® Solid Gold Crucifix; Parker Bros. Ouija Board ®.
Bush: “God would tell me, ‘George, go and end the tyrrany in Iraq,’ and I did.” Sounds like our president needs an exorcist.
More guns, less laws for everyone in Alaska!
Senator Ted Kennedy helps rescue citizens stranded by flood waters
Calling Dr. Scholl… Couple completes 4,900 mile walk.
Latest get-rich-quick scheme for the tinfoil hat crowd: Capture Big Foot, get a million dollars
Hormones, Prozac, other biosolids in US water supply No wonder I’ve been feeling vaguely content and unpregnant lately.
Man Coughs Up Screw After Operation Scalpel still missing.
Harriett Miers gets a makeover
Bush Administration using soldiers as propagandists. Sounds like something dirty commies would do.
Bush braces for hurricane Fitz-Miers

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Lynne said...

Shoot, for a million dollars I'll BE Bigfoot.