Monday, October 31, 2005

Goodbye freedom, Hello Alito!!

The President successfully gave the media something besides his recent f-ckups to talk about. By choosing Judge Samuel Alito to be his nominee for Associate Supreme Court Justice, he gets plenty of "atta boy"'s from his base and the requisite outrage from those on the left. The Religious Radical Right Wing of the Republican Party got the kind of judicial activist they love and the fight they wanted to unite their fragmented party on Capitol Hill. The Liberals and Progressives got the kind of nominee they were glad they didn't get with Miers, but knew they were gonna get anyway, once they realized the Religious Radical Right got their panties all knotted up over her.
Expect a fillibuster. Expect the Religious Radical Right (RRR) to cry, "Nominees deserve an up or down vote!" which would be yet another 180 degree turn, bringing them back full circle to pre-Miers talking points.

More on this later. Meanwhile read Alliance For Justice's preliminary report on the nominee here (thanks to who else? AmericaBlog. Gotta go!

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