Tuesday, September 27, 2005

POTUS vs. BabelFish, Round 2

The President of the United States spoke 09/26/05 at the Energy Department about hurricane effects on the energy supply. As i have done before, i will take some choice snippets of the President "speaking" and use Alta Vista's BabelFish to translate them to German. Then i will translate them from German back to English and see what happens. Keep in mind that the orignial snippets are real. Thanks to First Draft for pointing out which snippets to use.
On GA Governor Pudue's leadership:"Governor Perdue of Georgia I thought did a -- showed some leadership by saying we've got to -- anticipating a problem, here's what we need to do to correct it."
BabelFish Translation: "Automatic controller Perdue Georgia I of the thought did to A -- somewhat saying guidance showed by us has -- a problem anticipating to be repaired is here, which we must do, in order it." The translation almost works better than W's original.
Georgie Babble on EPA regulation:"And so while there's a shortfall because of down refining capacity, we will work with -- we have instructed EPA to leave the rules in place, or to suspend the rules that were in place, keep the suspension in place, which would make it easier to increase supply, and continue to get supply of gasoline here."
BabelFish:"And in such a way, while there is a deficit because of down the refining ability, we cooperate -- we instructed EPA, in order to leave the guidelines in the place, or, to shift the guidelines those in the place, hold the abolition in the place were simpler, for that it to increase form supplying material and would drive away to receive supplying material here gasoline." Exactly!
GDub said this about local officials: "I look forward to dealing with local -- talking to local leaders about what -- the situation and the problems they face."
Translation regarding natives: "I make to employ native ones -- speaking with local leaders about which -- the situation and the problems happy, which confront her."
Tha Prez on learnin' expectations : "And, therefore, we've got to have high standards and high expectations and focus money on Title I children to teach -- so that they -- so that children can learn to read." Yeah, someone needs to learn to read.
The BabelFish responds: "And therefore we have to have the high standards and high expectations and focus money on children of the title I, which can be informed, -- with it them -- thereby children to learn can read."
Our Dear Leader says stop dreaming and clean up the mess!: "I mean, when I go down to Mississippi, I appreciate the vision that they're beginning to think about, but my first priority was to help those local folks remove debris. And then the next question is, what do we do with the debris once it's removed."
Tranlation please: "I mean, if I go down to Mississippi, I estimate the sight, which they begin to think approximately but my first priority should help those local peoples to remove arrears. And then the following question, which we do with the arrears, is once, which it is removed."

To say that i am easily amused would be an understatement. Or, To say that I will easily maintain a Untertreibung would be.

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