Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mainstream Media Catching up to Blogosphere?

We'll see, but this is a good start:
It's all about the memos. First, the so-called "Downing Street Memo" from July 2002, which summarized meetings in Washington that said intelligence was being "fixed atound the policy" massive military action in Iraq by the Bush Administration. This came out May 1, 2005, and received little attention in the US media.
Now, there are The British Briefing Papers, and NBC has blessed these with a "verified by NBC News" label. Hooray for NBC. Now they wait breathlessly for the Administration to discredit NBC News in general and Andrea Mitchell in particular. Snotty McClellen will employ the usual M.O. and attack the messenger and ignore the message. Stay tuned for that.

These memos(pdf links below)from as early as March of 2002 indicate:
Iraq had no WMD threat
BushCo. had given "little thought" to the post-war aftermath in Iraq
BushCo. knew that Al-Qaeda/Iraq links were weak
British officials knew that going to war at that time would be illegal

So when you hear W and his boys talk about war in Iraq as "the last option," it is clear they are lying.

1,700+ dead US Soldiers and counting.
Countless dead Iraqis - we don't know the number because "We Don't do body counts" - General Tommy Franks. Isn't that lovely?

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