Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's red-lining the Awesome-O-Meter today?

Man, i just can't stop listening to the Crystal Skulls album, Blocked Numbers. They're a four piece from Seattle and this is their debut record that came out in March. May i kindly suggest that you go and get it today? It's an easy-listening, layin' around in the summertime with your girlfriend kinda record with Steely Dan-esque jazzy pop grooves througout.
I'm not a shill for the band or their label, just a fan that wants to make it easy for you to get what's awesome. Call it a public service. Get on the bandwagon now, so when everybody starts talking about them, you can say, "i was down with them way back in May!" Their label page: here Their official site: up in here Two Mp3 samples on their official site here
You can also get a copy of Headphones' album from Suicide Squeeze, too. In fact, they offer both titles for the low, low price of $20, and that's a pretty good deal, cuz that album is good too. Headphones consist of Dave Bazan, Tim Walsh, both of Pedro the Lion and Frank Lenz of Starflyer 59. Lyrically, these songs deal with many of the same themes as Pedro the Lion records, but are arranged mostly with electronics, rather than guitars/bass/drums. Ordinarily, the word "electronic" would turn me away when it comes to choosing what music to put into my head, but i was willing to give this one a spin, given who they were. I'm glad i did.

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