Friday, May 13, 2005

Googling is awesome.

Here is a midly amusing time waster. Estimated time wasting potential: 1 - minutes.
Go to Google's image search and type in your name. If you have a common name, try your first and last name. Click Search Images. Browse the results and find the funny/interesting/disconcerting ones, or maybe the image that comes up first, like this one for my name. See, it's fun! Post them in the comments section. If you get an overly-long URL like this: copy it from your browser and go to Tiny and paste it in their box to make it tiny, like this:
Are there any out there that are actually you? Set your Google preferences to get unfiltered results, and you may find out that you have a namesake doing dirty things on the internets. Here is another image for me. Have fun!

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