Monday, January 11, 2010

Mount Righteous, Giggle Party, Mr. Troll at Andy's Bar 01/08/10

Grapevine's Mount Righteous threw down at a sold-out Andy's Bar on Friday January 8, 2010 with the help of Giggle Party and Mr. Troll. The sing along sounds of everyone's favorite 9-piece folk rock orchestra oompahed, thumped and crashed their way out to the still, cool night air of the Denton square on that frigid evening as the crowd wailed along. It was the best tour kick off party Denton has seen this decade. Not kidding. Look:

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 1

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 2

Mount Righteous nffcnnr 3

More pics at the Flickr spot here.

Giggle Party made a mess. We demand nothing less.

Giggle Party nffcnnr 1

Giggle Party nffcnnr 2
More pics here.

And Denton's own Mr. Troll opened up the festivities, turning everyone on to his folky love songs.

Mr Troll nffcnnr

More pics and a show review at My Denton Music here.
Mount Righteous is currently on tour in support of their latest record, Open Your Mouth, so go check 'em out when they roll through your neck of the woods, or you'll regret it and feel like this:

Andy's Bar nffcnnr

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