Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Midlake, John Grant at Hailey's in Denton, TX 6/5/10

So Midlake finally found their way back home after extensive touring had seen them trekking across this continent and Europe over the last six months. They'll be on the road and over oceans in the months to come in support of their stellar 2010 LP, The Courage of Others. In addition to the comfort of their own beds, they found an attentive, appreciative audience at Hailey's to show off their musical chops and penchant for performing captivating versions of their dark tales on stage.

Opener John Grant, who spent much of last year recording 2010's Queen of Denmark, with Midlake as his backers, performed tracks from that record beautifully to start the evening.

There's just no feeling in the world like watching songs from your favorite albums of the year being performed right in front of your face. It's what dorks like me live for. Both records are available from Bella Union, so pick 'em up if you haven't done so already.

Midlake 06052010 (1af)

Midlake 06052010 (46f)

Midlake 06052010 (13f)

Midlake 06052010 (48f)

John Grant
John Grant 06052010 (19f)

John Grant 06052010 (50f)

The fine folks at Go Figure Skate Productions have great videos of performances from that night at Vimeo so you can get a sense of how awesome it was.

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