Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Whigs at The Loft in Dallas, TX on 12/02/09

The Whigs played their hearts out at The Loft on a chilly Texas December Wednesday night, making the stage, the floor and their fans bounce all over the joint. They once again proved why they are My Favorite Band in the Whole World, jamming songs from their two LP's, Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip and Mission Control. They also busted out a few fresh ones from their highly anticipated upcoming record, In The Dark. If those new tracks and their high-energy rock shows are any indication, Parker Gispert, Julian Dorio and Tim Deaux are poised for world domination in 2010. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out live to see what the funk i'm talkin' about.

The Whigs at the Loft 12/02/09 by nffcnnr

The Whigs at the Loft 12/02/09 by nffcnnr

The Whigs at the Loft 12/02/09 by nffcnnr

More pics at the flickr page here.

The Whigs are offering two (2) free tunes ("Hundred/Million" & "In The Dark") from their upcoming album at this spot right here, so go and get 'em.

The Whigs at the Loft in May, 2008

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Erwin said...

I'm sitting in my office alone and blasting out loud all your beautiful Neff compilations. I'm sorry you don't put em out any more. Anyway, many thanks for the great work. Happy new year, best wishes!