Saturday, November 21, 2009

Roman Candle at The Loft in Dallas, TX on 11/19/09

Roman Candle made their first stop ever in Dallas when they rocked The Loft on Thursday, November 19.

Roman Candle 11/19/09
More pics at the Flickr here.

Skip Matheny and company have been on the road most of this year in support of their stunning LP "Oh Tall Tree in the Ear," and had driven to Texas after seeing Bruce Springsteen in Nashville the night previous. Even if they were a road-weary bunch at the tail end of a long tour, they certainly didn't show it as they playfully and masterfully performed most of the songs from Tall Tree and "One Hundred Thousand Miles" from one of the three EP's they released over the last year. Roman Candle will play a couple more shows, then it's time to give the tour van the rest of the year off and see how many "best of 2009" lists Tall Tree ends up on. i know it will find a cozy spot near the top of The NeffList this year.
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