Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lucero at Longhorn Saloon in Ft. Worth, TX 11/07/09

"It's good to be in the South!" Lucero lead man Ben Nichols related to the rowdy Longhorn Saloon crowd. "It's November, and I'm sweating my ass off!" Everyone up front was sweating too as they sang, clapped, swayed and bounced along to the 100+ minute set on that night in the Stockyards. "We may be 500 miles from Memphis, but damn, if you all don't make it feel like home," he said later. The hoots, hell yeahs and devil horns that followed from the Fort Worth faithful drew one of Ben's patented glisten-eyed grins that riled us up even more.

Lucero's latest LP, and major-label debut 1372 Overton Park was released just a month ago, and Ben admitted on stage that he was struggling to get through some of the new tracks. "I'm still learinin' these new ones," he said after what sounded to me like a flawless performance of 1372's opener, "Smoke." It didn't seem to bother Lucero's enthusiastic followers, as they clamored to the front to shout the lyrics they have already committed to memory, "I'm not beautiful, I'm not beautiful" (See the vid below) . Lucero declares that they are Nobody's Darlings, but on that Saturday night, they were more than beautiful, they were perfect.

Lucero 110709 (170crbwf)

Lucero 110709 (193crbwf)
More pics here at the flickr.

And here's the vid for "Smoke":

1372 Overton Park
is available at the usual outlets, or at Lucero's online store. Get it now so you can put it on your "Best of 2009" list.

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