Thursday, December 18, 2008

NeffTunes MixTape December 2008: The Reason for the Season

Seasons greetings. i hope this post finds my dear readers healthy, happy and well. i trust that you are handling the hassle, hustle and bustle of the holidays with great patience and temperance like your ever-imperturbable blogger and are refraining from assailing your fellow citizens with insults and swats to their insufferable visages while you jostle for bargains at your local mart of choice. If circumstances prompt such barbaric impulses to be summoned by those base survival instincts seated deeply in your fallable mind, take a moment to remember the peaceful teachings of that Fella whose spirit occupied a seemingly mortal body over two millenia ago. For he is the reason for the season. If urges to commit uncomely deeds unto your fellow man persist, i recommend you proceed with great haste to the nearest music dispensation device and listen to the following compilation of songs about said Fella and chill the hell out. Happy holidays.Tracklist:
01 - Fake Out Jesus by The Blacks
02 - Christ for President by Billy Bragg & Wilco
03 - Water Into Wine by The Handsome Family
04 - Jesus Wrote a Blank Check by Cake
05 - Trust Jesus by Slobberbone
06 - Jesus in the Temple by Marah
07 - Jesus Don't Love Me by Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
08 - Jesus of the Moon by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
09 - Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash
10 - Jesus the Mexican Boy by Iron & Wine
11 - Me and Jesus by Tom T. Hall
12 - Jesus Was a Capricorn (live) by Kris Kristofferson
13 - On Jesus' Program by Mark Lanegan
14 - Jesus Saves, I Spend by St. Vincent
15 - If Jesus Drove a Motorhome by Jim White
16 - Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) by Doug Martsch
17 - Shine on Sweet Jesus by The Flaming Lips
18 - American Jesus by Bad Religion
19 - Jesus and Tequila by The Minutemen
20 - Jesus Christ Was an Only Child by Modest Mouse
21 - Jesus by Page France
22 - Salvation by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Download the zip file here.
98.47 MB @ 160 kbps


Devon Reed said...

It's not Jesus-related, but make sure that you check out Doug Martsch's contribution to The Bigtop soundtrack, "Cracked and Crazed," as soon as you get a chance.

nffcnnr said...

Looks like a great line-up of artists and an interesting film. Are you the Devon Reed who wrote the songs and made the film? The songs are fantastic. What's the projected release date on the film?