Friday, September 21, 2007

The National: An Awesomeometer Super Post

The National is officially this blogger's Favorite Band in the Whole World at the Moment, and their stellar 12-track album, Boxer has retained the title of The NeffList's Top Album of 2007 since its release earlier this spring. They played a kick-assed set at Dallas' Granada Theater Friday, September 14, 2007, and i was fortunate enough to be one of the many super-stoked fans in attendance. See my flickr page for tons of pics from that memorable performance.
They recently played "Fake Empire" on Late Night With David Letterman, and will play another track from Boxer, "Apartment Story" on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Wednesday Sept. 26. So plan on staying up late or look for it on the YouTube the next day.
In June, The National was featured on NPR's Live Concert Series. Listen to their performance from DC's 9:30 Club here.
Filmaker Vincent Moon is completing a documentary featuring The National as they recorded Boxer last year. The film is titled A Skin, A Night. Check out Vincent's incredible footage of intimate performances of each song from Boxer here. Wow.
For all of you fans of The National who already have all of their CD's, but are left wanting more, i have scoured the darkest corners of the interwebs and uploaded all of the non-album tracks i could find. And you're very welcome. All files are zipped and uploaded to Mediafire for your convenience. You can find the tracklists for each file in the comments section of this post. Vive le National!!

The National: Black Session April 2005
The National: Live KEXP Radio 2005
The National: Boxer Demos
The National: Live Radio Show England 2007
The National: Live On Spinner 2007
The National: White Session May 2007
The National: Daytrotter Live
The National: Stray Tracks

Enjoy, you motherscratchers!!

Other links:
The National - Official Page
NPR Concert Series


nffcnnr said...

The National, Black Session April 2005:
01 - All The Wine
02 - Secret Meeting
03 - Driver Surprise Me
04 - Lit Up
05 - Cherry Tree
06 - Baby, We'll Be Fine
07 - Geese of Beverly Road
08 - City Middle
09 - Looking For Astronauts
10 - Mr. November
11 - Daughters Of The Soho Riots
12 - Abel
13 - Wasp Nest

The National, Live KEXP Radio 2005:
01 - All the Wine
02 - Wasp Nest
03 - Lit Up
04 - Geese of Beverly Road

The National, Boxer Demos:
01 - Brainy
02 - Slow Show
03 - Tall Saint
04 - Rest of Years
05 - Santa Clara

The National, Live Radio Show England 2007:
01 - Introduction
02 - Mistaken For Strangers
03 - Discussion
04 - Gospel
05 - Outro

The National, Live On Spinner 2007:
01 - Mistaken For Strangers
02 - Apartment Story
03 - Slow Show
04 - Start A War
05 - Interview

The National, White Session May 2007:
01 - Start A War
02 - Brainy
03 - Slow Show
04 - Squalor Victoria
05 - Apartment Story
06 - Racing Like A Pro
07 - Ada
08 - You've Done It Again Virginia
09 - Mistaken For Strangers
10 - Fake Empire
11 - About Today

The National, Live Daytrotter 2007:
01 - Lucky You
02 - Gospel
03 - Slow Show
04 - Pretty In Pink

The National, Stray Tracks:
Abel Single:
01 - Abel
02 - Driver, Surprise Me
03 - Keep It Upstairs
Lit Up Single:
01 - Lit Up (remix)
02 - You've Done It Again Virginia
03 - Lit Up (Parisian Party Version)
Secret Meeting Single:
01 - Secret Meeting (Remix)
02 - The Geese Of Beverly Road (Live)
From The Clash: Unkut Tibute Disk 2:
01 - Clampdown

g.o.v. said...

thanks for these; i don't know if it's just me waxing sentimental or what ... but something about the live version of "slow show" reminds me of old lloyd cole and the commmotions stuff ...

great song writing.

keep it up mang!


Anonymous said...

oh god. i listened to all of these today.

again, great stuff.

i found myself googling 'gira,' 'The Nationals' ...

same sort of "i'm just chillin in the living room while singing this fine song" sort of tone as angels of light and the oh so demure gira front man.

sorry to keep drawing comparisons. but seriously ... these things just pop into one's head.

Anonymous said...

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no alligator alas... my search goes on


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