Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The NeffList 2006

At long last, i have compiled my 7th annual compilation of the best tracks from the top albums of 2006. Over the past 15 months, i have carefully reviewed 151 albums that were released in the US and A over the course of the year. Click here to download a txt file list of all eligible albums. After careful consideration, i sequenced my favorite 72 tracks - enough to fill up 3 CDs and kick your ass for over 234 consecutive minutes. Right about now, you're probably thinking, man that seems like a lot of work! Well, yeah. i have spent countless hours in front of my 'puter organizing all these albums, and an equally incalculable amount of time listening to each and every one of them very carefully, taking copious notes and scribbling drafts of track lists and composing journal entry after journal entry about what each song means to me and how each song fills a certain space in my previously cavernous soul. i have since lost all those notes. i guess i shoulda wrote all that deeply personal stuff on something more permanent than gum wrappers and Starbuck's receipts.

i also suffered a potentially catastrophic setback when my external hard drive made by Seagate crashed in November. All 150GB of my music was lost. after some self-administered grief therapy and a new hard drive, i was able to overcome this adversity and soldier on. It took lots of work and a little help from my friends, but i was able to reacquire most of my tunes.

i now present to you the NeffList 2006 in 5 FREE downloadable parts. Download the files and enjoy. If you don't agree that this is the awesome-est end-of-the-year compilation on all of the internets, i will gladly refund every penny, including sales tax.

Part 1[95,243kb]

Part 2[99,618kb]

Part 3[97,496kb]

Part 4[96,785kb]

Part 5[47,917kb]

The complete tracklist is in the comment section.

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nffcnnr said...

Disc One:
01 - Let's Stay In by BrightLightFever
02 - Islands Sink by ChinUpChinUp
03 - Wicked Gil by BandOfHorses
04 - SnugglingWorldChampionshipsByBobbyBareJr
05 - Summersong by TheDecemberists
06 - Van Occupanther by Midlake
07 - The Fugitives Have Won by Centro-Matic
08 - OnlyEverythingByScottMiller&Commonwealth
09 - Traces by Built To Spill
10 - GPS by TheBlackHeartProcession
11 - Outgoing Behavior by CrystalSkulls
12 - INeedAllTheFriendsICanGet by CameraObscura
13 - Walk In The Park by OhNo!OhMy!
14 - For The Girl by TheFratellis
15 - Snow by CurtKirkwood
16 - Passing the Hat by ColdWarKids
17 - Your Touch by TheBlackKeys
18 - California Cotton Fields by GregGraffin
19 - MeltYourHeartByJennyLewis&TheWatsonTwins
20 - Minor Daughter by Norfolk&Western
21 - The Bank and Trust by TheElected
22 - Witchcraft by Wolfmother
23 - The Prodigal Son by TwoGallants
24 - She's Just That Kind Of Girl by Lucero
25 - Back On Track by SugarMountain
Disc Two:
01 - Massive Nights by TheHoldSteady
02 - Mardy Bum by ArcticMonkeys
03 - Broken Boy Soldier by TheRaconteurs
04 - Monday by ForThoseWhoKnow
05 - You Make It Easy by GoldenSmog
06 - Destroyer by TheStills
07 - Notes On Air by AlejandroEscovedo
08 - To The Woods by DivisionDay
09 - Both Sides Of The Gun by BenHarper
10 - TheyTookAVoteAndSaidNoBySunsetRubdown
11 - Turn It Out by Jurassic5
12 - Play On Playa by Nas
13 - False Media by TheRoots
14 - Think I'm In Love by Beck
15 - Not Big by LilyAllen
16 - Could We by CatPower
17 - Hold On, Hold On by NekoCase
18 - Golden Star by MyBrightestDiamond
19 - Deus Ibi Est by IsobelCampbell&MarkLanegan
20 - AfterWeShotTheGrizzlyByTheHandsomeFamily
21 - Love My Way by GrantLeePhillips
22 - I Believe She's Lying by RhettMiller
23 - Anytime by MyMorningJacket
Disc Three:
01 - Flags Of Freedom by NeilYoung
02 - No Mean Time by FrenchKicks
03 - I Gotta Move by BenKweller
04 - Ooh La by TheKooks
05 - Pittsburgh by TheLemonheads
06 - You Never Had It by MagicNumbers
07 - Gone Up In Flames by MorningRunner
08 - You Can't Fool Me Dennis by MysteryJets
09 - Stupid As The Sun by LooseFur
10 - Rifle Called Goodbye by TheMinusFive
11 - Lonesome Valley by MagnoliaElectricCo
12 - Black & blue by Tim O'Reagan
13 - Bisbee Blue by Calexico
14 - Spell by RichardBuckner
15 - Wild American by KrisKristofferson
16 - Devil's Lullaby by SlaidCleaves
17 - Sacrifice by LeeHazlewood
18 - Someday Baby by BobDylan
19 - Elijah by FrankBlack
20 - Gravity's Gone by Drive-ByTruckers
21 - YourMotherWasTheLightning by TheCourt&Spark
22 - The Compromise by TheFormat
23 - Jeez Louise by Grandaddy
24 - The W.A.N.D. by TheFlamingLips