Monday, April 03, 2006

Rhett Miller and the Believers 040106 Dallas, TX

i checked out the Rhett Miller and the Believers show Saturday night at Sons of Hermann Hall on Elm Street in Dallas. Having just moved to Dallas, i was pumped to see RMiller perform in his hometown. Also, i had never heard of - let alone been to - the Sons of Hermann Hall and was very impressed with the venue. The intimate concert area was upstairs (no smoking, no wheelchair access) and they had a small bar downstairs if you wanted a smoke break during the show, or just hang out down there without paying admission. The sound was good, and the atmosphere was friendly. A good time was had by all. There were the standard annoyances that seem to accompany all live shows, however: The oblivious, shoeless hippie chick dancing all up in your personal space; the drunk girl who inevitably falls over; tall people; drunk people stepping on your girlfriend's feet.
Rhett and the Believers played pert near two hours worth of songs from Rhett's two solo albums, plus about a half dozen Old 97's favorites mixed up in there. The Believers were tight, Rhett was loose and everyone invlolved had a killler time.


Neil A. M. said...

After not going to live shows for a couple of years, I've hit two in the past week. Rhett's was rather electric, I must say.

Good thing I missed the hippie, the drunk girl, and the foot-stomping people.

Your pics came out a little less fuzzier than mine. He couldn't keep still for half a second.

Isabel said...

I agree with Neil..Rhett can't hold still. That's what so great about seeing him live.

Saw him in Seattle a few weeks ago. He is SO good live.

(Check out my blog for my posts on Rhett...)