Friday, December 09, 2005

Sam Beam does Six Parts Seven, Rogue Wave Bonus

I thought i'd share this song i recently rediscovered. I got "Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs" some time last year as a promo bonus from Suicide Squeeze Records. It's kind of a tribute type deal where a few singer/songwriters take a Six Parts Seven song (who are an excellent intrumental outfit), rework it and add their own lyrics. See a review here, for a better description. The following is Sam Beam's version of Sleeping Diagonally.

Sleeping Diagonally - Sam Beam

Speaking of bonus discs, i got a 4 song demo from Sub Pop when i pre-odered Rogue Wave's 2005 release, "Descended Like Vultures" a few weeks back. Here is a demo version of Publish My Love:

04 - Rogue Wave - Bonus Demos - Publish My Love
i can upload the other three RW demo songs at your request, kind and gentle reader.


Iron & Wine
Six Parts Seven
Rogue Wave Visit RW's MySpace page. Shh! Don't tell anyone!
These songs are for sampling only and will be uploadable for a limited time.

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