Thursday, October 06, 2005

DeLay's carousel of concealed cash benefits the Blunts

Hat tip to A Lie A Day Blog. DeLay's greasy tentacles seem to reach everywhere.
From the Associated Press:
Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tom DeLay deliberately raised more money than he needed to throw parties at the 2000 presidential convention, then diverted some of the excess to longtime ally Roy Blunt through a series of donations that benefited both men's causes.

When the financial carousel stopped, DeLay's private charity, the consulting firm that employed DeLay's wife and the Missouri campaign of Blunt's son all ended up with money, according to campaign documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Jack Abramoff, a Washington lobbyist recently charged in an ongoing federal corruption and fraud investigation, and Jim Ellis, the DeLay fundraiser indicted with his boss last week in Texas, also came into the picture.
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Even Jack Abramoff is involved in this one. The GOP Culture of Corruption knows no bounds.

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