Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Pistons...OK, NOW i care

The NBA sucks. Some reasons i don't give a crap about it 97% of the time:
  • The players are too good. i think they need to raise the rim 18 inches so no one but a super-athletic flyer can dunk. Dumping it in to the big man who uses his ass to knock over defenders so he can slam it home with little effort is boring. If said big man actually had to shoot every time, there would be more parity and the games would be more fun to watch.
  • The players suck too much. On defense, that is. In what other game can you give up 124 points and still win? Answer: a shitty one. It's time to raise the bar on defensive expectations in the league. So what if a point guard averages 25 points a game if the players he's defending score 30 or more? That's a negative however you look at it, in my book. Everyone knows that an 18 point lead in the 3rd quarter is nothing in the NBA, cuz defense sucks and teams get complacent, so the next thing you know, the other team goes on a 15 point run and it's back to boring.
  • Superstar Fatigue. i'm sick of the Lakers and anyone who has played for them lately. i'm sick of the refs babying the superstars and the top teams. i'm glad the Pistons won last year, now i'm sick of them. Next year, i'll be sick of whoever wins this year, and i'll post about how much i want someone else to win the championship. It seems the only thing i don't get sick of is parity.
  • Is it me, or does the first 46 minutes of a game suck ass? The only part that is worth watching is the final two minutes. The previous three quarters of an hour is a mind-numbing waste of time. i might as well extrapolate that opinion to apply to the entire season as well.
So, with all that off my chest, i want to say that i am interested in the NBA, at least until Game 7 is over. This looks like an intriguing matchup, and i will watch most of the games on my "sports monitor" - that's the secondary, small TV set with the sound turned down next to the big TV set in the living rooms i frequent - providing they don't interfere with Cardinal games.
Even though they are "slight favorites," i hope the Spurs win. First, cuz they beat the only NBA team i remotely care about, the Mavericks, and if they win, then that means Dallas gets third place, right? Also, i get a kick out of watching Ginobili go nuts on both sides of the court, and Tim Duncan is a good man. But after that, it's back to business as usual where i'm hatin' the NBA. Until they raise the rim, that is. Then it will be awesome.

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